Finding the Right URL For Your Router

In the event you are utilizing a Netgear DG834 or DG834G, you need to have the ability to bypass this page and go on to another section (Configuring RouterStats) …. But this page might be worth reading anyhow and is not very long.
Configuring RouterStats needs some detective work and a comprehension of your router displays its data in your web browser as I mentioned in the introduction.

The best way to begin your sleuthing is by showing the Stats page in your browser of your router. In the event you are fortunate, it’ll be an easy page revealing the stats we should track. More times than not, however, the section of the page revealing the stats will maintain a webpage ‘Body’ or will be shown as a pop up window after pressing on a button or clicking a link.

Your objective will be to narrow your search for that page down before you’ve got the most straightforward “standalone” page which includes the stats.

An example

Here is area of the main page when I log in, which my router displays. To be able to make it to the Noise Margin figure that I am interested in, I have to press on the Show Data button. This brings up the popup window revealed (in part) below:

To be able to show this page our objective is to decide on the real URL we should sort in to the browser’s Address Bar.
Sadly, in this specific case, just the key portion of the URL, learn more visit is revealed on the popup window’s Title Bar therefore a little more detective work is needed.

As this popup window is continually being refreshed, we might have to click its Stop button. Next, if we right-click on the popup window, we can choose This Body – view frame source, and obtain the complete URL in the source window’s title bar.

Below, within this Netgear DG834, it is

We ought to have the ability to type it in the Address Bar of the browser and show the page once we have that URL. We’re then eventually prepared to start configuring RouterStats.