IP address

You need to know everything of the router for setting the router. It is very easy to manage and setup the router. You will get everything inside of the router box. Because manufacturers always keep everything for setup the router in the router box. When you will buy a router box then see the inside of the router you will get everything that you really need. You will get device, cable, manual and paper. You need to read the manual and read the paper. You will get all of the information for the router and troubleshooting. That is why it is important to read the router.
After reading the manual, you should setup the router and setup Wi-Fi connection. You will get information for troubleshooting. That is why, you should read the manual carefully. It gives you many solutions from begging. It teaches you how to setup router and troubleshoot it. For the setup router and troubleshooting, you need log in to the router first then you can setup or check the troubleshoot. You need to use the IP address which belongs to your router, username and password to use as key. If your router uses IP address, then type this IP address on the address field of the browser. When you click on the enter button, you are asked to put the username and password. After providing everything, you will be taken to the c-panel of the router. Now you can use this c-panel for setup the Wi-Fi connection and troubleshooting purposes.
However, if you cannot fix the problem from the router control panel then you should all of the cable connection and power cable setup. Sometimes loss cable connection may create problem. If the power adapter damaged, then you will get serious problem and that is why you will not get internet connection and that is why you will not get internet connection. If you find that everything is still of here, you need to check the internet connection which is another cause of not getting internet connection. It is very easy to check. You just open a command prompt window and there type the command “ping www.yahoo.com -t”. If you are getting data receiving massage as “Reply from …” then your internet connection is ok. If you get “data lost” massage, your connection is hampered from anywhere or ISP. Now you should contact with ISP for fixing this issue.
You may take your router to the vendor if you cannot get Wi-Fi connection. It is the last process and by this process you may make your router active. It is very easy to solve the router problem if your router has warranty period. If the warranty period expired, then you have to pay charge to fix the router. Do not try to open the router device to fix the router problem. You should not open device. It may create several new problems. For troubleshooting, follow the router manual to solve the issue. You should follow the manual to fix it properly.